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ProtoStar is an Asian satellite services operator that was formed to acquire, launch and operate high-power geostationary satellites to lease capacity to Asian DTH and broadband service providers. The technical characteristics of its satellites and the configuration of the satellite network are designed to meet the unique needs of DTH service providers.  This focused approach allows ProtoStar to offer a unique combination of services:

High-Powered Ku-band Capacity – facilitating the adoption of low-cost set-top-boxes (“STBs”) and smaller dishes driving mass-market adoption, while overcoming rain fade and ensuring a higher quality of service for consumers;

Customer Optimized Footprints – enabling DTH service providers to: (i) optimize their geographic coverage to target the greatest population centers in their target markets and (ii) maximize the technical advantages of its DTH satellite broadcast architecture;

Redundant Satellite Neighborhoods– providing in-orbit backup capacity to ensure continuity of services and expansion capacity to allow DTH service providers to add television channels and other services using transponders from existing satellites in the neighborhood; and

Bulk Capacity– allowing DTH service providers to offer 100 to 200 channels of digital television programming with the ability to quickly scale infrastructure and meet transponder needs for emerging services like high-definition television (“HDTV”).

ProtoStar allows its DTH service provider customers to avoid allocating the large capital expenditure investments required to launch their own satellites and instead focus their efforts on the business of DTH, namely with extensive efforts in programming, management, set-top-box procurement, subscriber retention, and ongoing customer care.  It is through this mechanism that ProtoStar enables its customers to focus on their primary objective: growing their subscriber base. The Company plans to launch its first satellite in the second quarter of 2008.

ProtoStar is domiciled in Bermuda with U.S. operations based in San Francisco, California, Asian operations based in Singapore and sales representatives in key Asian markets.
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