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A unique, compelling combination of market advantages
ProtoStar offers a highly customer-focused, customized approach that enables our in-region partners to focus on what they do best - deliver reliable, cost-effective, small dish television services to the consumer. Operational efficiency is crucial to maintaining business viability which is why service providers are relying increasingly on scaleable resources to manage the demands of their space-based operations. Whether a new or existing DTH operator, ProtoStar is uniquely positioned to meet customers' current power/footprint requirements and future growth projections with customized transponder configurations that deliver fully optimized, high-power FSS and BSS Ku band capacity blocks. Importantly, ProtoStar can offer its in-region partners customized financing arrangements to cover comprehensive packaged satellite services and large blocks of transponders.

ProtoStar Technology Platform Advantages

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Higher Power Means Smaller Dishes
In the DTH business there is a direct correlation between a satellite's power and the size of the required receiving dish - the higher the power, the smaller the dish. ProtoStar's contoured footprints are tailored to bring designated power levels to specific regions in Asia. This enables the use of small 50cm. dishes that are easy to install and configure, in addition to being significantly more stable.

Bulk Capacity Means Breadth of Choice
The next generation of DTH services will require the delivery of 150 to 250 channels of entertainment, educational, news and sports programming. Additionally, pay-per-view and audio channels will provide even more compelling choices. This diversity and quantity of content options will differentiate the DTH competition and require the large blocks of bulk capacity that ProtoStar will deliver.
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Signal Power Means Overcoming Rain Interference
In Asia, rain attenuation can severely impact the signal quality and is a major concern for satellite-based DTH operators and their subscribers. As a result, the power of ProtoStar's satellite signal to provide clarity over a wide footprint will now deliver the quality of service demanded during the region's frequent turbulent weather conditions.

Technology and Experience Means Delivery of Next Generation Services
As subscribers become more sophisticated and demanding, DTH operators will need to deliver programming that is translated and dubbed with various audio tracks tailored to local languages and dialects over multiple channels. Advances in set-top-box and elliptical dish technology will provide the new compelling features that will differentiate DTH services and operators. ProtoStar has the power, capacity and experience to deliver on these new market requirements.
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High Definition TV Means Delivering the Future Now
HDTV is the future and the future will demand a whole new generation of satellite delivered broadcast services. As seen in Japan, Korea, Europe and North America, HDTV is driving new flat screen design and audio surround sound systems that can only be delivered immediately through high power satellite DTH operators. ProtoStar is dedicated to delivering the power, capacity and experience that will make HDTV a reality in Asia.

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